Crisis Party of 6 Your Table Is Ready Here are 3 tactics to sink your teeth into That will Elevate your business in any economy.


There’s nothing quite like a monumental crisis to bring people together. 

There are two things that can happen to an organization when a crisis arises. It can take a splintered group and destroy it, or it can bring an organization closer together and ultimately make it stronger. Which route the group takes depends solely on the leadership of the organization. The same applies to your personal goals as well.

In the face of crisis, great leaders project a feeling of calm to those they are leading even when everything around them is unstable. True leaders understand that life is a marathon and not a sprint so you do not make long term decisions in short term situations because that is exactly what a crisis and challenges are.  Everyone gets scared when a crisis arises; the best leaders let those they are leading know that everything is going to be OK.

The key factors to overcoming a crisis in your business and personal lives rely on 3 things:

  1. Purpose. Yep, I said it for the 50th time because this piece is so powerful that even in times of crisis you will be so passionate about your purpose that you will be ready to ride the ship all the way down if that is what is meant to happen. Very few people are willing to take on this kind of responsibility, but the great leaders do it.
  1. How you see things. At first, ask yourself at this time do you see opportunity or opposition during the crisis? This one question is going to single-handedly tell you on a first-hand basis of the type of leader you are and will ultimately show up in the direction that your company will go in during this time.  

So let’s get the full scope of how to make a big comeback after the crisis. First, you must understand what the core meaning of a crisis is.  Just as we have the winter, spring, summer, and fall the seasons of life come and go. Like the cool group called the Byrds says to everything turn, turn, turn. 

When you understand this you can have a little bit more peace of mind (which is priceless during a crisis) and sleep at night because it gives you a better view about how you’re going to make your comeback. The word crisis itself is a mystery John F. Kennedy explained it perfectly 

When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” —John F. Kennedy


So I ask you again, what do you see opportunity or opposition?

The last part of making your big comeback after the crisis is determined by the creativity of you and your team.

You see when a crisis comes it shakes up the foundation to everything that we thought was unshakable or solid. So in these challenging times, you must use your knowledge of your market and your creativity to come up with ways to continue to thrive during these moments of time because in a crisis you discover right away what normally works doesn’t work anymore.  Here are a few examples of using creativity in your business when the challenges of a crisis are the present situation.

Currently, we are battling COVID-19 many retail stores are shut down, so instead of dine-in you are seeing more valet drive-thru services similar to the car hop culture, delivery service is at an all-time high.  Can you implement delivery services, As well as online conferencing? It’s your turn. Think about your business. How can you use creativity to continue to service your customers? Whether it be through engagement or e-commerce, use your creativity to shine during these challenging times so you can continue to connect with your customers, clients, and team.

Want more?source (4)

Join me at the pivot and prosper small business webinar your special to me so it’s free.  Were going to work together to create your customized comeback plan of action.A power-packed comeback strategy, that is going to manifest who you really want to be and how your business can thrive in any economy and have the power to impact your community in a wonderful way with no restraints.

Join me I’m going live tonight at the Complimentary Pivot & Prosper Small Business Webinar.

Dedicated to building your business,

Vivian Sheree Holloway

P.S. Don’t meet me there beat me there



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