7 brand engaging things that you can do that will give social distancing for your salon clients and crew during this Covid-19 Quarantine

This has been quite a week for all of us. I’m sure you and your family have had enough stress, chaos, and change for a week as well. COVID-19 is having a massive impact on businesses of all sizes. At the same time, I’m hopeful that we will overcome this situation quickly and be better off on the other side than when this began.

We can use it as an opportunity to start coming together again as a community, stop arguing over trivial things that truly do not matter. One thing this is forcing many of us to do is to move and implement faster as well as become more creative to service our customers. So to give you a helping hand with keeping your client, customers and community’s encouraged and excited for things to come here’s 

7 things that you can do to bring your client & crew closer to you during this Covid-19 Quarantine. 

1.Reiterate your brand purpose and values to your team and clients.

2. Reestablish your industry authority and expertise.

3. Get to know your clients and target on a more personal level by updating client info such as birthdays, contact info, and using surveys for brand bonding.

4. Discuss the top 3 challenges your ideal client is having and the solutions your beauty business provides to solve those issues.

5.A great time to give product reviews on popular products or products that you use.

6. Give a behind the scene sneak peek of the lifestyle of the team behind the brand.

7. Create major brand engagement through gamification with quizzes, surveys, and contest giveaways.

Bonus: Create or partner with a non-profit organization and tell your community how your beauty brand plans to do its part to save the nation.

Bonus: Send out Thank you & encouragement ecards to thank your clients, customers, and support in advance for there continuous support and patronage.
Amidst this Covid-19 Quarantine that we are facing as a nation.

Follow these simple steps to create brand engagement that will in return give you clients that will pay, stay, and refer.

Until next time be safe and remember if you stay ready you never have to get ready.