How to Use Geo Mapping to Attract More Loyal and Long Term Clients For Your Retail Location.

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The explosion of the internet has true indeed brought us many opportunities however we all know there is a dark side to everything. One of the dark sides of the e-commerce boom is that a lot of traditional brick and mortar businesses have taken a huge hit, especially in the beauty industry. Yes, the beauty industry is growing but truth be told a lot of salons and barbershops have shut there doors do too many challenges one of them being the internet. 

There was a time when the only competition that most salons or barbershops had were at home stylists, now you have at home stylists globally free thanks to your favorite social media platforms not to mention the Salon & Beauty Suite explosion that just made things even more competitive.

So how do you as a retail brand business owner offset this huge blow?

Solution: 2-word strategy Location Engagement

Have you heard the saying if you can beat em join em? Well, I like to say if you can’t beat em double-team em and crush them, here’s how. First off understand that some people will never shop online period

  1. PinPoint and put major laser-focus attention to discovering and understanding your ideal client geographical location. Here’s an example: Assuming you know who your ideal client is it’s time to do some research, say for instance if your target market is highschools due to prom season first put in your business address in your favorite search engine then add high schools in 15-mile radius from your address, you can do the same for subdivisions, hospitals, restaurants, where ever your target market will be. 

Here’s another example let’s say you have a spa or massage parlor think about which professions could use a massage due to whatever reason, let’s say stress. What professions are stressful, doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, daycare workers, CNA long term care facilities? 

These would be great places to market your solution to. Here’s one more example of how to use geo-mapping to crush it. Geographical marketing is not only about the location but it’s also about climate. Let’s say for instance if you are in an area where you know humidity is a huge deal it’s time to reach out to those people in those locations but from the angle of the climate. You could use this tactic to push product sales also.

2. Engagement No matter what you see or hear if you have a retail location when done strategically you truly have a competitive advantage in the beauty industry especially if you have a full-scale retail space such as a salon, barbershop or boutique. Tell me more. You see even though we are living in a time of massive opportunity people are more skeptical than ever before, you could use your location as leverage for starters. Next host events tell your community about what you’re doing because you should always have something exciting up your sleeve.

If not clients and team members even you get bored so you have to go above and beyond to keep not only yourself but your team and clients and now the community engaged. You want them to feel as if your business is the missing link to there life. The beauty of this tactic is that these events can be simple could start off with something as simple as a re-grand opening, you could host a day of community volunteering, wine down Wednesdays or wellness retreats with a speaker from the community or local chamber. Join different causes such as a public official day such as firemen, police or government officials thanking them for there service the same goes for teacher appreciation. 

Let’s say that recruiting is a problem you could have a job fair or career day!! Did you know that some government websites will post job openings for free or at a discounted rate? I have so many ideas that I want to share with you but here’s the takeaway: having a retail space is no easy feat, it takes hard work and discipline, I applaud you.

You are the pillars of the beauty industry that paved the way it’s time that you brag about it.

Action Steps: Pinpoint your ideal client location(s) then connect and engage. People don’t care about your business until they know you care about there problem make them aware that you do.


Take Care 


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