How Stitch Fix Used Algorithms to create a Billion Dollar Boutique here’s how you can use it in your beauty brand.

Say it with me Algo–ri—thms we hear this word so much these days if it’s not Instagram, it’s Google or Facebook changing things on their platforms. What’s up with there continuous love affair with the algorithms. The word is somewhat mystical it makes you sound really smart, like yeah I know stuff lol but truth be told on a very basic level algorithm is nothing more than the study of patterns it could be people, numbers, colors or fashion.

Let’s break it down even more because when you grasp this you will be able to connect with your audience on a deep level that can’t be bought.

Here’s the break down: Google has created a billion-dollar empire because they understood the power of patterns. Since they have gathered enough data they can now predict patterns and trends and sell those predictions to us as marketers. I.e. After billions of people on the web have searched for dog food I’m sure Google has observed a pattern about San Francisco and pet ownership because according to google San Fran is one of the top states for pet ownership. Patterns and Predictions go hand in hand. Anthony Robbins said that “Success Leaves Clues”  

Now the question is what clues did the billion-dollar subscription boutique Stich fix leave and how can I use it in my beauty business for Pete’s sake? ( can you please tell me who Pete is?)

Ok, so for the purpose of the beauty industry we will define algorithms as the study of people patterns with data to predict purchases and actions. 

So here is the super simple algorithm action plan that you can immediately use to create more sales, upsells, repeat sales and reoccurring sales if desired

1. What is the ending result of that you desire? Any game plan or goal that you desire, you must start with the end in mind. I.e. more appointments, sign-ups or sales of a certain product or service

2. Create Surveys or Questionnaires for your customers.

In its very basic form algorithms is simply the prediction of patterns calculated from retrieved data. Stitch Fix’s basic level of data is retrieved with surveys.

This is a wonderful opportunity on so many levels, any part of your business that you want to improve create a survey about it and customers will give you honest feedback guaranteed.

You can create free surveys at if you are just starting out they can help you with that also 


  1. Advertise your survey on Social media to get broader results outside of your customer base

      4. Organize your data results to create specific marketing campaigns that are customized to your client’s needs. Such as birthday campaigns, life milestones such as married, single, hair goals, body shape if you have a boutique just to name a few the opportunities are endless.


In conclusion, the world is a loud place and your clients have plenty of options to continue to gain the attention and loyalty of your clients everything comes down to brand experience and nothing beats customization. Use this time to get to know your clients a little better and there is no better way than to survey. 

If you need help creating surveys you can email me at


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