The F-Bomb that will make you a Fortune

How many times have you heard the expression, “the fortune is in the follow-up?” Well, that is the F-bomb that we are going to discuss today. Are you still confused about what F-bomb we are talking about? Follow-up is the name of the game…often heard but yet, so few of us actually take full action on this philosophy and instead fail at the follow-up game.  This not only applies to business but our personal lives as well.

Today, I break down the follow-up game for your beauty business products & services in the hopes that you set up systems to ensure you follow up correctly and stop leaving lots of $$$ on the table.

What kind of money are you leaving on the table? First, you are leaving good bookings on the table because you didn’t follow up enough with inquiries.  Second, you are leaving lucrative repeat business on the table because you didn’t keep in touch with your clients.  Third, you are leaving great referrals on the table because you didn’t impress your clients enough to remember to refer you.  That’s a fortune right there.

When it comes to following up for a beauty consultant, whether you know it or not you are a consultant regardless if you own a salon or sell waist trainers with that being said

There are 3 main times to follow up:

  1. After an inquiry
  2. After a booking appointment made or (deposit is taken)
  3. After service or product has been rendered

4. Bonus: To create raving fans do a 7 day follow up


Let’s take a closer look at each one

  1. After an inquiry

It may seem obvious, but you must follow up with your clients after they inquire. It’s perfectly natural to get back to a prospect as soon as they inquire. But how about once you send them some quotes? Create a system for yourself to inquire after they receive your quote. I recommend you communicate via phone and email.

  1. After a booking

Many beauty business owners erroneously feel their job is done once the deposit is taken and booking is made. A true beauty consultant is just getting started at this point. Follow up with your client to manage their expectations for services being fully prepared, make arrangements and upgrades if you can.

  1. After Services (24-48hrs later)

This one is key to over-delivering and surprising your clients and getting great referrals.  You MUST keep in touch with your clients consistently once they have experienced your service However 24-48 hours after is a very critical time, where you can seal the deal of providing excellent customer service more than that showing them that you truly care. This is the stuff that turns clients into raving fans and that’s the point, right??

Bonus: One week after

This will simply tickle your client’s or customers’ fancy, but it’s the icing on the cake.  A quick message to check-in and ensure service is what they expected will put your to the brand front of mind. You are sending a message that you value there opinion & business and they will respond with years of loyalty.


Check out your follow up procedures.  Be honest with yourself and give yourself a grade.  In the areas where you fall short, spend some time to implement your own systems to get your follow up systems up to par.  I suggest Aweber and a SMS text message marketing service.