The S curve tactic that clears the clutter of any beauty industry competition

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As the beauty industry and the internet continue to grow barriers to get in the industry will continue to be torn down which will also increase the competitive noise. Beauty business owners everywhere from salons, barbershops, boutique even the suites are experiencing a rise in competition online and offline. 

Most competition isn’t much of a threat but there are always those companies that manage to steal clients or market share, so you must be prepared and protect the business you have worked so hard for.  

The S curve tactic is the answer to so many things but the number 1 benefit to implementing this in your business is it gives you a foothold in your industry to crush the competition, the 2nd benefit is you can make this work for you in just a small portion of your business so that you won’t have to restructure everything you have already done so it’s flexible. 

So, what is this S curve tactic?  crazy_images_weird_laugh_pictures_the-human-alphabet-designs-019.jpg

The S curve tactic is the Specialization of Service & situations. 

You see when you are in a competitive industry such as the beauty industry you need something that will give you an unfair advantage and that’s exactly what the S curve will do. Specialization simply means to become an expert in a particular portion of your industry. Whether it be a service or a situation.

Let’s take a look at some examples:  You might be a Master Stylist but you specialize in natural hair, you may have a barbershop but you specialize situations that are dedicated to young boys first cut or you sports-themed barbershop so that when there’s any sports event going on (which is always) your barbershop is known as the place to be, not just for the cuts but for the experience. You can see this tactic being used everywhere because it works. Have you heard of Wade the Barber? If not, this is the barber that has made the term “man weave” a household name. Have you also heard about the CBD craze? I’m sure you have seen many products now claiming to have CBD benefits. Some people use their titles to let the marketplace no what they specialize in Celebrity Stylist or Celebrity Barber, this insinuate that this is a stylist that only work on celebrities.  

Using this tactic does not have to take on your complete business you could use this tactic to simply boost a portion of your business. I.E. you may be a master stylist but you decide to put a major emphasis on hair growth, or you are a master barber and you put an emphasis on beard grooming. This simple tactic is going to set you and all your services apart from the competition that wants to continue to focus on their general longevity in any industry.  

The magic of this tactic is simple to focus on a problem that your industry is having and to make that issue the focus point of every marketing piece that you create and share. This way it will draw the clients that are looking for what you have to offer right now as opposed to a client having to guess if that’s what you do, it clears the clutter of all the noise in your target client mind that will give them a clear pathway right to the front door of your beauty business. 

If you want to learn how to simply use this tactic in your beauty business to give you an unfair advantage to crush the competition click here