2020 The Year of Impeccable Clarity & Goal Achievement

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2020 The Year of Impeccable Clarity & Goal Achievement 

New years always bring a certain mystique and freshness however if you don’t have clear goals about 3-4 weeks in you will back to your regularly scheduled programs. 

Someone once said that “Goals are dreams with a deadline” 

Question is What are you going to do about it? 

The best way to take advantage of a new year and to check off goals on your list at the fastest pace possible is to do 3 things. That’s what we are going to cover today. 

 1. Decide once and for all what do you want… but with more detail and clarity. 

Ok, so I said 2020 is the year of impeccable clarity and that’s exactly what you must have to achieve the things you want for the upcoming year but in all honesty, you need to have impeccable clarity Right Now. You see in life if you don’t direct your life on an hour by hour basis there will always and I mean ALWAYS be something that will come up and seem to have priority and have a demand on your daily life. The best way to conquer this is to decide what is it that you want on a day to day, month to month and real go-getters have this down to an hour by hour basis.  

Regardless of the time frame of the thing you want, the question that you must ask yourself is what is the outcome or result that you want in the end. 

Let’s take for example in 2020 you want to hit the 7-figure mark. That’s is your ending goal or result now you must reverse engineer your goal which means you will look at your goal from the endpoint and reverse your steps to map out the best way to get to that point.  This tactic is also known as Chunking or time blocking. 

I.e. 1 million a month is 83,333 a month so now that you have it only a monthly basis you now have more clarity on what you need to do, sell or serve to reach this goal on a monthly basis. It works even better or could be more manageable for you on a $19,230 weekly, $2,739 daily or a $114 hourly basis. The point here is you have more clarity of your goal on day by day basis which will soon as you know add up to a new year. 

 1. Have a flexible plan of action end-in-mind

Keywords here are Action & Flexible. First off let’s jump right in. First off, I’m sure you already know that plans without action are pointless. However, we have a problem because a lot of times that we plan things never go as planned, so what gives. 🤷🏾‍♀️   

 So, here’s your solution to create a plan that is built around the daily goals of your business or life. Result-oriented plans start with the desired ending result.  Followed by the steps that will allow you to see immediate results that will move you forward and give you momentum and energy to keep going even when you don’t feel like it.  Understand & Respect the steps that get you to your ultimate goal. “Small hinges open big doors” What are the services, and products that are disguised as the steps to your desired ending goal. 

Where does the flexibility come from? Since we know that there’s a chance that things will not go the way we planned it would be smart to have a fail-proof mechanism installed in our plans. This will come in 2 different components, first in any plan always have options if the first option doesn’t work let’s try option 2 there’s a quote that says “if plan A doesn’t work there are 25 other alphabets” The last piece to flexibility is having the right perspective. When things don’t go as planned it’s not that you failed you simply discovered an option that is not best for your vision. I.e. If you were trying to lose weight maybe you discovered that calorie counting is not good for you but Lo-Carb is working wonderfully.  So, you move on and adjust your plan accordingly. 

 3. Go where you can grow 

     The environment is everything, question is what are you going to do about it?  

I’ve spent almost a decade feeding an obsession of understanding the dynamic of creating success from an underdog standpoint.  After observing and interviewing and implementing the things that I have learned it’s allowed me to Partner with many celebrity brands such as the housewives franchise.  Here’s what I learned about staying in a city where celebrity brands & people are household names and you could literally have access to these same brands and founders on a regular basis. 

When you are a visionary, entrepreneur or go-getter you must understand that 80% of the people that you work with or are surrounded by don’t enjoy their work and don’t have the guts to do something about it so this forces them to live a life of quiet desperation even though they want to leave it behind. That means most people’s environment is terribly toxic.  I’m not saying cut off old friendships and relationships but what I am saying is to get what you never had you must go where others will not go. This may include people that don’t look like you or think like you but they are on similar paths so they understand your journey and are more likely to give you some insight that will propel you forward. People with a vision talk about opportunities and possibilities and people with limiting beliefs talk about what you can’t do or what has not been done in other words the obstacles. So, we absolutely must change our environment. As it turns out, surrounding yourself with inspiring, passionate people is not as hard as you’d think.

The first thing that I observed is successful people be that in which they want to become after that you must go where you can grow As it turns out, surrounding yourself with inspiring, passionate people is not as hard as you’d think. Here is one of my favorite resources to help you find places and people to go where you can grow, www.meetup.com 

 Bonus: Getting ahead start 

I purposely create this post prior to 2020 starting because the best way to plan…act…and conquer anything is to get a head start on the matter. It’s been proven over and over again that getting ahead start or starting early on any particular task gives you an unfair advantage over not only your competition but the woes of life in general. When you take action ASAP even when things come your way (and they will) you already gave yourself an extra window of opportunity to be able to handle it without it being a “major” setback to your plan.  

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