The 2 Word Tactic That Gives Salons & Barbers Freedom, Finance and Flexibility (Part 1)

Hey You, 👋 Welcome to the Beauty Brand Empire blog,  today we’re going to be talking about the 2-word tactic that gives you the power to make money in your sleep as well as build a client base around the clock in every time zone as an option.

Just in case your this is your first time here or maybe you’ve met us through our podcast, I want to welcome you to the Beauty Brand Empire Community we are the first community that is dedicated to the business side of the beauty industry.

I understand on a first-hand basis how competitive the beauty industry is yet it’s so profitable. In honor of  You and Beauty Professionals all over the world, we have dedicated this community to help you take your beauty business to the next level, by implementing cutting-edge strategies in your business that gives you 3 things: finances, freedom, and flexibility. As the title says today You are going to get the most underused tactic in the beauty industry that can give you all three.

The 2-word tactic that I’m talking about is sales funnel.  The term sales funnel is mainly used in the e-commerce world however it’s been around since the beginning of business also known as the sales process. Over the years it has evolved with the invention of the internet. The sales process is simply the journey that we use to get the client from point A to point B.  The term sales funnel is a fancy word for sales process and will be used interchangeably.   In the beauty industry we don’t hear these terms because sales funnel has been mainly used with digital marketing,  however, all that is about to change because with this 2-word tactic you will have the power to change the scope of your beauty business overnight!!!  Salon, Barbershop, Nail Tech, Freelance stylist, Make Up artist, Fashion stylist, Boutique owner you all will be able to take advantage of this tactic.

So let’s talk about how to integrate a sales funnels into your beauty business so that you can 1. Make money  24 hours a day 2. Gain clients & leads 24 hours a day in every time zone as an option. 3. Have the flexibility to make money from any location you chose*.Marketing-Funnel-e1424814653926

As I was saying earlier the sales funnel is simply a process:  That anyone can take to get a particular ending result i.e. if someone came to you and said I want to get a fade cut, bob, gel nail set or a sew-in the point is there’s a particular process that you’re going to go thru to get that particular result. This is what we mean when we are talking about a sales funnel.    Let’s cover the first part which is the 4 step client journey.  Understanding the above funnel will instantly put you light years ahead of your competition.  Let me explain.

Imagine 💭 going into your favorite dept store….. as soon as you walk thru that door you

#1. Suspect... You may buy something you may not regardless the store clerk has no clue . So what is the first thing that the store clerk says?🤔  “How may I help you?” and you say, No I’m just looking. This is the first part of the customer journey.  Next, you decided that you want a black collared shirt so you go find the clerk and ask for help.  You are now a #2.Prospect: you are actively looking for an answer to your problem.  You are still undecided but you have narrowed your choice down to 2 shirts, you are now a #3. Lead.  The store clerk tells you about the %50 off sale and the other benefits so you decide to get both of the shirts, it was a deal you couldn’t resist. You are now a #4. Customer my friend, plus we can never have enough black in our wardrobe.😏

So how can this help you with getting clients?  First off just like with anything else in life it starts out with you knowing what you want. What is the ending result that you are looking for in your beauty brand?  With the power of the internet, you have the whole world of clients at your fingertips,  because regardless of the type of business you’re in service or product based you are in business to provide solutions.  Your clients could be in your local community or your client could be on the other side of the planet.  After you decide what you want and who you want to serve   I showed you the prospecting funnel above, now let’s cover the Buyer’s Journey, there are 3 phases that the customer goes through. Check out the Diagram 👇.  When you understand these 3 phases you can literally have 3 different sales funnels for the same product!!!  I don’t want to overwhelm you but think of it like this when you understand the buyer’s Journey you could literally sell one product three different ways which could equate to three different streams of income.  With that being said can you see how powerful the sales funnel process is?    buyers-journey

As I’m going through this information this might be a two-part series because I don’t want you to get overwhelmed but I want you to really get the power that you will have if you integrate this into your business.  Literally, you could take two or three of your top services and sell each of those services from 3 different angles and have income coming in  3 different ways on an automatic daily basis.  

When you consider those benefits you literally could change your business overnight so let’s get back to the sales funnel now that you understand the buyers Journey so this particular client or lead has  found you online and they saw that you were in the right location, you had the best deal because everyone wants a good deal to let’s just be honest however it’s not always about the money it really depends on the type of client you’re reaching out to.

 If you are still not sure who your ideal client is you definitely want to download 101 ways to get new Beauty brand clients It’s a Priceless resource completely free that you can take advantage of.

If you’ve been walking with the Beauty Brand Empire training for a while you should know that we talked a lot about your purpose and how to profit from those things. Even though we discuss tactical and strategic methods for you to advance your business everything always Loops back to YOU. Why do I make this point?🤷‍♀️

In life, it does not matter what info you know, what brand your building, what product you’re selling If you do not know what you want from your business.  It’s all about you and you have to know what you want and what type of lifestyle you want to live so you can build your business around your desired lifestyle. What does that have to do with sales funnel?  The sales funnel is a 2-word tactic that sounds small but I can promise you the sales funnel is going to give you more freedom, finance, and flexibility than anything that you have ever done in your business. However, it all starts with you knowing what success looks like to you?   So before we go further there are 2 questions that you must answer.. 1. How do you want to impact the world with your business 2. How much money do you want to make unapologetically?

It’s your dream baby no matter how big or small …dreams can come true for us all.

Walt Disney said it best.. 

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Stay tuned for part 2 as we discuss 7 of the most popular sales funnels with live examples of how you can use them in your beauty business.

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