How to use the Hidden Hand Of Power to Grow your Brand even when you’re a Startup.

The Hidden Hand of Power

To better explain this let’s take a ride to the movies and check out this movie called Hidden Figures. In case you haven’t seen It’s about a group of ladies in the 1960’s that had all type of obstacles but was so highly intelligent that one of them assisted the United States Government in sending a man to the moon. Now that is what I call influence.hidden-figures-et00045253-17-04-2017-18-00-39  Ok, I know what you are thinking it’s not the 1960’s so what does this have to do with my business. Let’s Discuss Social media and how you can use this tool to expose your brand to your target audience and influence them to do whatever you want, come to an event, or buy a product is a few examples of how you can use this.

Influence, is really what social media is all about, giving people a reason to listen to listen to your ideas, thoughts, and philosophies. It’s quite powerful it’s almost like a magnetic charm.  Influence is so powerful they have a new term for it in the business world it’s called influence marketing. Remember when I said that in the movie the ladies had so many obstacles?  Well Imagine this being a woman in the 60’s, being African American and being in the south, but guess what they had?  They had the expertise and they shared it.

Have you heard the old saying that it’s not what you know,  it’s who you know?  Well, in certain cases this is true, but in today’s world to go from the unknown to the known it’s about sharing what  you know. Have you noticed all of these new social media stars popping up everywhere?  They don’t know anyone, however, they know something that a lot of people want to know and they have shared their knowledge about it.  Obviously, there are levels to influence so let’s take a look at a few levels. The social media app Snap Chat decided to make fun of Rihanna and Chris Brown with the Domestic Violence Case that happened 2009 with a defensive Ad asking whether to Slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown, with the mighty hand of influence Rihanna responded and literally overnight the  company lost $800 million of market value, now that’s what that influence do.

Have you heard of Tai Lopez?  Regardless If you said yes or no, about 7 years ago you would have said Tai who, Thai food maybe but I don’t know Tai Lopez. Just in case you don’t know he is a huge social media influencer he started off not knowing anyone and in all of his videos he always makes a point to tell you that he is one of the top ranking social media influencers on the planet, but he went from unknown to known by sharing his expertise.  Can you guess who the number one social media influencer would be? Yep, you got it, The Kardashians, but do you think that Tai Lopez would bother telling you he has millions of followers and read’s one book a day if he knew that it would not be an awesome leverage to influence people?

Ask yourself  What information can you share with your audience to establish yourself, or your brand as an influencer in your market and a expert in your industry?

The key take away on this influence piece is to know that it’s all about you establishing yourself in your chosen industry by sharing your knowledge.  This is the recipe for going from the unknown to the known. Now that you are equipped with this new info about social media and influence ask yourself..  Are you using social media to the full advantage?

In the next post, I will help you map out your social media strategy

Cheers to your success,