The Best Kept Secret on Where to Find a Boatload Beauty Brand Prospects.

Zig Ziglar said “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”  That’ proposes two questions #1. How does your business help people get what they want, it’s the ending result that they are after. #2.  Who are the best people for you to offer your services?  These two question leads us back to target marketing. Target Marketing is a particular group of people at which a product or service is aimed.  This means that your services are aimed at a particular group of people, such as vegans, Californians, Mothers etc.  If you are just beginning or need to ramp up your customer base how do you find out who these people are without being obvious?


There are several options First if you have unlimited cash you can buy data from resources such as American Express, Experian, and Exact Data. These sources will tell you what people are buying, where they live, disposable income and many other things.  However, if you do not have an unlimited budget Social Media is your answer.   That’s why social media is so popular it puts you up close and personal with people, Before you roll your eyes I’m not talking about the social media networks you may be thinking, Facebook is super awesome but I’m not talking Facebook, Google is everything but not Google.

Let me ask you this when was the last time you really had fun and it was helping your business at the same time? The social media source that I’ talking about answers all those things. In my humble opinion its the perfect place for target marketing, gaining insight, hanging out with like-minded individuals and finding your tribe. 

Sounds like a  heaven send, doesn’t it? The source that I’m referring to is

MeetUp.Com is a great place to find prospects and people that are all about whatever you are about.  Here’s how it could work for you being in the beauty industry: Let’s say you are a Makeup artist that were visiting LA and wanted to network and have wine with other MUA’s 😉  on MeetUp.Com  you could find different groups of Makeup artist in LA or any other city for that matter that is meeting up around the time that you will be in LA. On Day 2 you want to hang out with a few soon to be brides since you are an MUA that specializes in weddings, no problem you find over 10 groups of ladies that are getting married, you show up give value, make new friends and book 3 clients. 

How is that for mixing business & pleasure? Did I mention that it is free to join? It’s definitely worth checking out it’s one of my golden secrets for getting speaking gigs also. Check them out and Let me know what you think. MeetUp.Com

Cheers to the Good Life