How to Solve Problems Like MacGuyver

Have you heard the saying, When you love what you do it’s no longer work?  I know you hear this all the time but It’s true when you truly love your work it no longer feels like a job or a dreadful task.

It now feels like what I like to call Purposeful Pursuits.

Let’s make one distinction, even though you do what love, it does not negate the fact that there will always be challenges. Let’s get this fact straight right away. Anytime that you say I am going to take my vision to the next level there will be sets of obstacles that are put in place to help you grow and to see if you really want what you say you want.  I know it sucks but that’s how the universe works it was here when I arrived.

Have you ever noticed that on those days that you have the most frustrating time, there never seems to be anyone to talk to and if they there was they did not relate at all to the frustration?   What if you were introduced to simple tactics that could put you in a state of creativity and good vibes so that you could continue to be your most effective self?

Today I’m going to give you the first of several tactics that can help you get your mojo back and heal that place of frustration.  Tactic number one:  Change your perception, instead of it being an issue or problem look at it as a way to learn a new solution or a way to enhance your problem-solving skills.  You know like MacGuyver.  


Why bother you may ask?  Did you know that the scale of issues that you can resolve is in direct proportion to the income that you make? What’s the difference between a CEO and a Janitor? They both are employees, both can be fired at any time, so what’s the difference? The difference is the Level of issues that they solve on a daily basis.

Since we all know that life is full of issues, problems and frustrations let’s change our perception of them and become the master of any problem and solving them just like MacGuyver.  

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