How to Have It All Freedom & Finance

Everybody has their own philosophies about life, and I am no different but I truly believe that we are all born for a particular reason.  It all stems back to people helping people.  This is true regardless of the industry, but more so in the beauty industry because you give people instant confidence to go out and do the things that they do

Here’s the dilemma, some of us know what we want but we are caught up in a dead end job that happens to pay the bills or you maybe you started your own beauty business but it seems like a rat race or worse another job.

Imagine this scenario.  It’s your 1 year anniversary of starting or relaunching your new beauty brand and you want to do something special,  you heard that your favorite beauty brand and social media influencer is doing a last minute 2-day workshop in NYC and your favorite stylist happens to be teaching a class there too.  This event is 5k. Fast forward 10 hours and you are landing at the JFK airport headed to check in at the W, in 2 hrs you will be front row at the event. How would that type of freedom and extra finance make you feel?

Here are 4 solutions that you could start today, with very minimal funds that will start you on that path  Today we are discussing

How to make 10k a month with your beauty brand in a way that gives you finance and freedom.  Click here