The Truth about Building A Beauty Brand

Thank you for taking the time out to visit our blog. I know that you want to get the most out of your time so I promise not to waste one second of yours. You are here because you want to build a beauty brand but the truth about building a beauty brand as a hair stylist, salon owner, barber, nail techs, estheticians, makeup artist and anywhere in between, the truth of the matter is that everything that we have been taught about brand building is wrong. That’s if you ever been taught anything about building a brand.

Every time I reminisce about my days in cosmetology school I swear I can’t remember anything about building a brand or any type of beauty business for that sake. Just like many of you when I became a full-time freelance stylist I was feeling excited but also confused, overwhelmed and maybe a little scared because even though I could do a mean roller set and could finger wave you to the Mediterian Sea  I knew nothing about getting customers or building a brand. fingerwave

The year was 1999, I was a hair show junkie, any show or education seminar that came thru the Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee areas I was there. At that time I thought that hair technical skills would build my business alone. That mindset came to a real quick end when I decided to relocate to Atlanta, Ga. and discovered that there were at least 5 salons & barbershops on that same block and they were coming and going like cars on a toll road.

The competition was so fierce that I had to take a corporate job and build clients up on the weekends. All this changed when I was given the opportunity to Intern for a beauty brand contractor that was hosting events for one of those HouseWives Franchise shows. It was working here that gave me a 5-star education on building a beauty brand. After years of interning & volunteering for many well-known brands, I decided to share what I learned about brand building. This information will change your business forever. I wish I had known these simple steps while I was a student there is no doubt in my mind that the years of trial & error would have been cut down to a minimum.

To avoid years of pain here is the cure-all to building a profitable beauty brand that gives you the freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams Retrieve it here the 6-Figure Beauty Brand Blueprint

This blueprint will serve as you as your personal 6-7 figure beauty brand roadmap. Click the book to get your copy right now.



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